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I think the most important and valuable thing of traveling is that you could meet new people and make memorable experience. We are ready to have you unforgettable and invaluable one in Zaza Backpackers. Please don't think it's hard to be friends with all of us. if you felt it, it might be from the cultural difference. Just give it a shot, and see what happened :) See you soon! - YOON -


Hi My name is Sunam, If you want to meet the very friendly staff, it is me! :) I think it is really good chance for you to visit ZAZA Backpackers because ZAZA is the best place for your trip in Korea. Of course it includes of our friendly staff like ME XD I hope we can meet soon! Welcome to ZAZA, Welcome to KOREA


Hi guys! Weclome to ZAZA! My name is Chloe. We've got many great people coming all around the world everyday. Let's have a good time together!


Hi! My name is Hoon. ZAZA will provide the best experience in Seoul with our friendly staffs, comfortable accommodation, and convenient location. Come visit ZAZA so that we can hang out together! I'm looking forward to meeting you!


Hi guys! I'm Bob. I'm looking forward to meeting new people around world. I will help you with your trip to Seoul. Feel free to ask anything when I am around :) Visit ZAZA and meet our great staffs!


Hello~ my name is Kenny, glad to introduce myself. I've been with ZAZA for several months, and I feel energized and refreshed everyday I work for ZAZA, just because I can meet you guys^^ Looking forward to see you soon in ZAZA, thank you. 大家好, 我是刚山~ 你喜欢韩国歌手或明星吗?你要在韩国购买衣服或者化妆品吗?也许你对韩国的传统文化感兴趣。首尔是一座融合了传统文化与现代文化的城市。希望你在zaza度过美好的假期。那,到时候见吧~


Hello! I'm Min Gyu or you can call me MG. Welcome to ZAZA! It will be a great experience staying here with guests all over the world and with friendly staffs. Stay in ZAZA when you plan to visit Seoul :)


My name is Kevin. ZAZA have guest visiting from all over the world so stay with us when you visit Seoul. It will be a great experience to meet new people including our staff and other guests! I hope to see you soon in ZAZA!


Hi~ I think some of you remember me as Choi. Zaza is the BEST place in Seoul to stay and have a chill with staffs. Come and get chances to mingle with Zaza. Take care til we meet!


Hello, I'm Aaron staff. I work from Monday through Friday, so you can fine me at Zaza on every weekday. Make yourself at home when you are here, at Zaza! 大家好,我姓文,叫我文或Aaron就好。我从12年8月到13年7月在北京留过学。虽然我的中文比不上另外员工们的中文,但我性格亲切友好,与人善处^^ 希望能与大家成为真诚的朋友!


Hi, I'm Chang staff. Welcome to visit to Zaza. I'm really looking forward to meet you!! And If you have any problems, I would willingly help you. Thanks:) 大家好 我是zaza 的昌铉 我之前在北京和哈尔滨读书了 你们不会讲韩文或者英文吗?你们来zaza的话就没问题! 我们民宿有5个会讲中文的朋友们! 你们有什么问题我们就要乐意帮助你们。欢迎来zaza:)


Hello, Hello Hello Hello~? 뿌잉뿌잉


Hello, I'm jarry staff of ZaZa! I think ZaZa is the best place to stay when you travel and there are many nice staff in ZaZa I want to friend of yours ! come and join us


Hello! My name is 곰미남 which means 'Handsome Bear.' All guests love me and we had taken so many pictures. You could check the following website to see where you and your friends are I like to drink Soju, and maybe that's why I have a potbelly. lol However, only when you try Soju do you experience the REAL KOREAN STYLE!! So...what are you waiting for? Come to Zaza quickly and drink Soju together.


Lin is one of the staff who come from Taiwan and addicted to fried chicken. Come to eat and drink together with her! 哈囉,Lin是從台灣來的員工, 最喜歡晚上的時候跟工作夥伴或民宿客人吃炸雞並喝上一杯,對她而言,應該沒有比這還幸福的事情了~~~~^___^


Eat, Pray, Love

T. J.

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